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I improvise, divining the moment with ink on paper or canvas.

The moment... the whiteness of the surface , tells me when to approach. There are times when reviewing a work, looking at a particular stroke, that I recall what was happening around me at the moment of the stroke's creation. Such moments are rare -  I have learned to hold them close.

I find that it's far better to simply "be" and let the work pass through me... you  can feel when art has been forced. I try to approach with no  preconceptions.     The emotions of my day do find their way through without coaxing. Smaller  pieces are completed in one sitting - I find these works the most pure. Larger works take more time and are more of a challenge to keep free and spontaneous.

I begin a piece by first calming myself -  letting the paper or canvas tell me what  it wants to be. I apply a stroke of ink and, using my hands and assorted tools, smear areas of the still drying stroke into a softened, pencil-like translucency. A smear in the direction of the stroke softens it like a feather - crossing it in selective places creates tension and/or ties other areas together. At times, I burnish the surface, rubbing hard into an inked area to bring a silvered,   lithograph-like quality to the drawing.

I capture the moment and hold it for others to see.

Greg Voth, artist                          
Jersey City, May 3, 2010


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